Exchange Server 2010-Configuration & Administration

Mailbox Types in Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Server 2010 makes it easy to create several special-purpose mailbox types, including:

1. Room mailbox A room mailbox is a mailbox for room scheduling.

2. Equipment mailbox An equipment mailbox is a mailbox for equipment scheduling.

3. Linked mailbox A linked mailbox is a mailbox for a user from a separate, trusted forest.

4. Forwarding mailbox A forwarding mailbox is a mailbox that can receive mail and forward it off-site.

5. Archive mailbox An archive mailbox is used to store a user's messages, such as might be required for executives and needed by some managers.

6. Arbitration mailbox An arbitration mailbox is used to manage approval requests, such as may be required for handling moderated recipients and distribution group membership approval.

7. Discovery mailbox A discovery mailbox is the target for Discovery searches and can't be converted to another mailbox type once it's created.

8. Shared mailbox A shared mailbox is a mailbox that is shared by multiple users, such as a general mailbox for customer inquiries.