Windows Server 2012

How to install Windows Server 2012 on Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager


In this article, we will see how to install Microsoft Windows Server 2012 on Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager 4.1.6. Installation is straightforward like other Microsoft Operating Systems. In just few clicks, installation would be completed.

1.       Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager 4.1.6 on your local system

2.       Download Windows Server 2012 .ISO file and keep it somewhere in the system.

3.       Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and click on New.

create virtual machine wizard

4.       Click on Next to proceed.

 Oracle virtual machine

5.       Enter VM Name and select Operating System as Microsoft Windows and version as Windows 8.

 VM Name and OS Type 

6.       Adjust the Memory to be allocated to the new virtual machine.

 VM Memory

7.       Create or use existing Virtual Hard Disk for this new virtual machine.

 VM hard disk 

8.       Select Hard Disk File Type from the various options.

 Virtual Disk creation

9.       Select how virtual disk will be extended, dynamic or fixed size.

 Virtual disk storage 

10.   Enter the location of new virtual disk and select the size of the new virtual disk as shown below.

 virtual  disk location

11.   Review the details enter and click on Create to create the virtual disk.

 VM Summary


12.   Go back to the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, and Start this new machine.

13.   Enter the location of .ISO file as saved earlier.

 installation media 

14.   Once installation is completed, select Language, Time Zone and Keyboard settings.

 Windows 2012 setup

15.   Click on Install Now to start the Windows Server 2012 installation.

 Install Win 2012

16.   Select the operating system that you wish to install on it.

 Select Win2012 OS

17.   Accept the license agreement.

 Win 2012 license

18.   Select the type of installation, upgrade or clean installation.

 Win 2012 installation type

19.   Select the drive where you want to install the Windows Server 2012.

 Win 2012 drive size


20.   Once installation is completed, enter the Administrator’s password.

 Win 2012 settings

21.   Enjoy Windows Server 2012.

Win 2012 Start page